Tips and Techniques

A different language

To the beginner it would seem that anglers have developed their own language. This article is a light hearted look at some of the more bizarre expressions….

Baggin Waggler

Revolutionising carp fishing at a venue near you? If you haven’t heard of this awesome method then you should have done. Check it out…… Re

Caring for your casters

Treat your casters right and maximise the chances of success with this popular bait. This article explains how to store and prepare them….

Mix the perfect groundbait

Believe it or not it is possible to make a complete mess of mixing groundbait. This short article gives some common sense tips to get perfect results….

Pole fishing

Whether you’ve tried it or not it’s impossible to ignore the increasing number of anglers choosing this method of fishing. This article gives an overview of pole fishing….

Stick float shotting

Another short article giving some valuable tips into gaining an advantage simply by changing the way you do things when shotting up your line for a stick float….

The reel deal

This article gives a comprehensive beginners guide to the three basic reel types and their variations commonly used in coarse fishing today….

The ultimate gadget?

Whether you agree with it or not this little gadget is causing quite a stir and has even been featured in the tabloids……