The ultimate gadget?

Whether you agree with it or not this little gadget is causing quite a stir and has even been featured in the tabloids…

As you may or may not have heard, there’s a new gadget in town - the SmartCast RF30e wrist mounted watch fish finder has been a feature in this week’s sun newspaper along with many other tabloids and magazines.

Since its launch in this country it has been getting rave reviews although many fisherman are not so keen on the idea of having their fish found for them. The device consists of a “fish finder watch” with a display size of 1¼” by 1” with a highly detailed 48 x 32 pixel screen, and a remote Smartcast transducer. The transducer or sonar sensor is simply connected to the end of your line and cast out into the water where it floats and transmits signals in real-time back to the watch receiver on your wrist! The sonar sensor is able to work at a radius of up to 75 feet, and depths of 100 feet using is 90 degree sonar beam to assess the amount of fish present in the swim whilst also displaying the contours and depths too. The Remote Sensor is said to last for up to 400 hours of in-the-water usage time. The watch itself is also easy to use with a one-touch menu navigation control system giving access to fish Identification, depth range, fish alarm, and sensitivity.

Spares are available at very reasonable prices (around £30 for a new sonar sensor, should your old one end up hanging in a tree!) the complete package price is around £140. Watch out for the RF30 green sensor version because they are being sold cheaply but the sensors are US spec and not readily available in Europe. The European version has an orange sensor and is called the RF30e.

Could the humble plummet have reached the end of its days? The SmartCast fish finder, is sure to cause quite a stir in the angling world, love it or loathe it you can’t deny that technologies like this will always tempt anglers.