Stick float shotting

Another short article giving some valuable tips into gaining an advantage simply by changing the way you do things when shotting up your line for a stick float.

When shotting stick floats, never use the manufactures guidelines for the shot pattern. For example if your stick float says 4 number 4’s on it, it is far better to use 8 number 6 shots, which is the equivalent, but will give you much better control and presentation of your set up. The same rule generally applies to shotting pole float rigs, however this varies depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. Roach for example like a slower drop, so the shot need to be small and evenly spread between the float and the hook length. For fish like gudgeon and perch it is best to bulk the shot together within 18 inches of the hook with maybe one or two tiny drop shot. This method is particularly good when catching lots of small fish on the whip on the canal.