Spittle Farm, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Situated smack bang in the middle of one of Banbury’s busiest industrial estates. Odd location for a lake you might think, and you would be with the majority in that thought. Spittle Farm Lake, is about 1 acre in size, with an island situated at one end. It is a popular spot for young local anglers, but also holds a few club matches per year. Depths vary from ten inches at the car park end, to around five feet behind the island. Many different species are to be found here and quite an array of wildlife. It really is a peaceful place considering its surroundings.


Carp to 20lbs, tench to 3lbs, bream, roach, gudgeon, perch, dace, chub.

Best Baits/Methods

Pinkies, red maggot, sweetcorn, pellets, casters, red worms, sugar puffs are all good baits for this venue. Popular methods include pole, waggler, maggot or groundbait feeders fished to the island, and a straight lead.

How to find it

Overthorpe Industrial Estate, Banbury