Rudd (Scardinius eyrthrophthalmus)

At a first glance , the rudd can often be mistaked for its close releative the roach. A rudd can be destiguished by its deeper gold/bronze body and bright red fins, and and a distinctive steeply angled, protruding lower lip. The rudd also has a yellow eye where as a the roach’s tend to be red. To make matters worse for identification, rudd and roach hybredize (breed together) This is where it gets confusing especially when a new weight record is claimed.With its intense colours, the rudd, i feel is one of our most beautiful fish.


Slow deep rivers are an ideal rudd habitat, but gravel pits, ponds, resivoirs, canals and lakes also have good populations. Only waters rich in nutrients support large numbers of rudd, they then tend to overpopulate, resulting in thousands of stunted fish.

Feeding habits

The rudd is a surface feeder and can be seen, especially in the summer months, in shoals just under the waters surface. They feed on insects of all kinds and also feed on small crustaceans and snails on or near the bottom.When trying to catch rudd be aware that they are spooked very easily, so it is somtimes difficult to put a weight together.

Fish facts

Weight: Up to 5lbs
Average Length: Ave 15-25cm
Life-span: 10-12 years
Favourite waters: slow deep rivers, ponds, canals, lakes
Favourite baits: bread punch, maggots, casters, hemp, sweetcorn and small red worms
UK Record: 4lbs 10oz (S Parry 2001)