Minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus)

As minnows are such small fish, they are not really cared for by many anglers.We have all caught many of them im sure in our angling careers.Minnows are a popular bait for catching larger predatiory fish with, such as perch or chub.Believe it or not the tiny minnow is actually a member of the carp family.Its features are small blunt head and rather thick lips. Its scales are tiny, in fact the only other fish which has minute scales of this size is the tench. A minnow’s belly is cream colour and its back and sides are olive brown with dark blotches on the sides. Minnows are shoal fish, so are prime targets for many different predators.


Minnows like clear, well oxegenated streams,in waters that are easly heated by the summer sun It is possible to catch minnows in large rivers, although not that common. wanderers - perhaps coming from a nearby tributary stream.

Feeding habits

as you would expect, these very small fish can only eat small prey/baits,although most anglers will tell you that minnows will try to eat almost anything and everything. Much of their natural diet consists of small insect larvae and crustaceans and plant matter. .

Fish facts

Weight: Up to 28grms (1oz)
Average Length: up to 10cm
Life-span: Unknown
Favourite waters: well oxiginated streams and rivers.
Favourite baits: pinkies, large maggotts, bread punch.
UK Record: 13.5drms (J Sawyer 1998)