Farnborough Pool, Oxfordshire

Farnborough Pool is set in the quiet Oxfordshire countryside, just outside the village of Farnborough itself. The lake is of considerable age, and so has a rather mature look with plenty of overgrown trees and vegitation. The lake is shaped almost like a moat and is overlooked by Farnborough Hall stately home. The depth and width varies greatly as do the species of fish which inhabit it. Roach are the dominating force in this water, although there are also lots of Bream, Tench, Carp and Pike which tend to be a little harder to catch. There are some restrictions as to where you may fish, the Lawn for example is a no fishing area, which is the area directly in front of the hall. Typically this is the area where all the Large Carp seem to be, who said fish aren’t clever?


Roach, Large Carp, Bream to 6lbs,Tench.

Best Baits/Methods

Fishing the long whip is a favoured method for large catches of roach. Waggler of small cage feeder for the larger species Best baits include Maggots, Sweetcorn, Hemp, worms, Casters and deadbait for pike.

How to find it

6 miles north of banbury off the A423