Drayton Leisure, Oxfordshire

Never leave home to go and fish Drayton Lake without an umbrella, even in the height of summer. Situated along side a 9 hole golf course is maybe not the best recipe for a relaxing afternoons fishing. There is a 20 feet high mesh fence in place along the length of the lake, but it does not tend to stop all of the balls which travel at horrendous speeds, hence the umbrella for your own protection. Having said all of that, this is a excellent little fishery, brimming with small carp, and including specimens up to around 25lbs. Match and pleasure bags regularly top 60lbs, with everyone averageing around 15-20lbs, even in winter this great little water produces lots of fish. Despite the worry from flying golfballs, this lake comes highly recomended by us because it is just so packed full of fish. Even I have won a couple of matches here over the years, so it must be full of em!


Carp to 25lbs,Tench, Rudd, Roach and Bream

Best Baits/Methods

Pole fishing is the most popular method here, with waggler and small cage feeder coming a close second. Good baits are maggot, although the rudd will plague you, sweetcorn, pelles, paste, bread, luncheon meat and red worms.

How to find it

B4100 (Warwick road) just on outskirts of Banbury.