Crucian (Carassius carassius)

The crucian carp is a barbell-less realative of the’s colour is dark brownish across its back , golden or greyish green sides and a yellow or white belly. Also the dorsal fin which is convex on the Crucian where as on the Goldfish, tends to be more concave in shape.Crucian carp can also live for extensive periods in water with very little oxygen. In these conditions their growth is stunted But in large lakes where there is plenty of food crucians become very deep-bodied and can grow to an exceptional size.


Crucians are most accommodating little fish, able to survive in the smallest of pools. They thrive in densely overgrown, swampy waters with a soft, muddy bed - often places where no other fish can exist. Crucians are absent from Scotland, most of Wales and the whole of Ireland.

Feeding habits

These fish are not at all fusy about what theu eat. As crucian carp grow their diet widens and eventually they eat most insect larvae, molluscs, crustaceans (such as water slaters) and a lot of plants. Such unfussy feeding habits are an advantage when living in small ponds where potential food sources can be limited.

Fish facts

Weight: Up to 3.2kg (7lb).
Average Length: Up to 46cm (18in)
Life-span: Up to 20 years
Favourite waters: ponds, lakes, canals and slow-flowing rivers.
Favourite baits: Keep tackle light for these fish as they are very finiky feeders Favourite baits include Maggots, worms,small pieces of sweetcorn or lunchoen meat
UK Record: 4lbs 8oz (J Allen 1998)