Carp (Grass) (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

The grass carp,although called a carp is very much like a chub to look at. It has a very elongated body and long snout. its colouring is a rich golden brown with a large scale pattern. A grass carp’s mouth is noticeably smaller then other members of its family and its eyes positioned differently too. The grass carp gets its name because its diet mainly cosists of aquatic plants,this is utilized by some lake owners as a means of keeping their waters clear.These fish tend to spend most of their time basking in the sun on the serface of the water and can often be tempted by floating baits.


Although grass carp are still pretty scarce in this country, they are most likely to be found in lakes and ponds with Dense weed beds, which provide a great hiding place for grass carp.

Feeding habits

Grass carp feed Almost exclusively on plant material. This is why they make effective weed clearers.In the summer months,it is said that the Grass Carp can eat the equivalent to it’s own body weight, daily.

Fish facts

Weight: (17.747kg) 39lb 2oz Although they grow a lot bigger on the Continent.
Average Length: Up to 100cm
Life-span: 12 years+
Favourite waters: Weedy lakes,ponds and some slow moving rivers.
Favourite baits: Tutti frutti bollies, sweetcorn, trout pellets,bread
UK Record: 39lbs 2oz (K Ballard 2002)