Caring for your casters

Treat your casters right and maximise the chances of success with this popular bait. This article explains how to store and prepare them.

Casters, if left for to long in the bag in which they were supplied from your local tackle shop will develop what is known as “bag burn”. The best way to combat this is to open them up as soon as you get back home and place them in a bait box submerged with cold water, this will enable you to clean them and also get rid of any “floaters”. Next drain the water out and you then really need to spend 15 mins or so picking out the dead maggot skins so all you are left with is nice clean, sinking casters. All that remains if for you to place a piece of damp kitchen towel over the casters and put the lid back on the bait box. Remember to store them somewhere cool, by the morning you will have lovely crisp casters yummy!