Banbury Reservoir, Grimsbury, Oxfordshire

Although this water may look pretty bleak and featureless, it is in fact home to a wide variety of species. Surrounded by a nature reserve and fed by the river cherwell, it is a popular venue for anglers and walkers alike.It is also regularly used by sailing clubs throughout the year. A large population of bream and roach occupy this water, but are rarely caught in huge numbers due to the ban on groundbaits etc.Pleasure fishing can often through up weights of 40lbs plus but in matches that figure tends to drop some what. The average depth is around 8 feet and it has an all concrete bottom .A bait dropper is often used as the reservoir produces a moderate tow from left to right. Only certain areas of grimsbury can be fished at various times of the year,for nature reserve perposes,so check with local tackelshops for more details.


Bream to 8lbs,Roach to 2lbs,Tench,Carp,perch,Gudgeon,Ruff,Pike to double figures

Best Baits/Methods

Red maggots, red worms, sweetcorn,hempseed are popular baits. One of the most productive methods is the feeder although, as mentioned before, groundbait is a banned substance on this water.pole fishing at around 10mtrs is also a favoured choice along with waggler at around 20mtrs out.