A different language

To the beginner it would seem that anglers have developed their own language. This article is a light hearted look at some of the more bizarre expressions.

Babies head – Largest possible size for a groundbait ball. Sizes range from marble to golf ball to jaffas (oranges), to xmas pudding to babies head

Blades – Very small silver fish such as dace, roach bleak etc.

Skimmers – Small bream

Pair of eyes – Incredibly small perch

Pastie – Ginsters sized mirror carp

Tommy’s or Pope - Daddy Ruff

He was sat on a Shed full- There were rather a lot of fish in his peg.

He caught all his fish down the track - Literally means the fish were down the middle of the canal or river.

Baggin up or sacking up - Means he/she/they were catching a lot of fish.

Albert, sergeant, stripy - Perch

Little red men - Bloodworm and joker

I caught them on the shell - I caught them on the caster.

Top and bottom - Pole/stick float style set up.

Bottom end only - Waggler style set up.

Disco’s - Fluorescent pinkies (maggots)

Baggin waggler - Large groundbait feeder float for catching carp etc.

Slop - Very wet groundbait, usually mixed for gudgoen fishing.

Whip - Small 1-3 meter pole with a fine flick tip fitted.

Layed hard on - Means fishing well over depth (Phew!)

Fill it in - Feeding lots of bait, usually means groundbait

Now for the funniest one I have ever heard - A guy came into my local tackle shop one day, he is a local man, and one of those who is known by everyone, for all the wrong reasons. He came in to buy some tackle and preceded to tell us all about the great days fishing he had on our local Oxford canal. His tactics were as follows

He said…. “I fished the stick barrel down the trotting line, with double paternoster and two hooks up, and caught lots of young roach and perch”

Now I have still, to this day, haven’t been unable to figure out quite what he meant, But it will continue to tickle me for as long as I am fishing. Maybe he should be writing this terminology page!?